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1. Sponsors (Non-members):
  Whole table with 10 chairs $1,500
  Members whole table is $750

Sponsor a booth in separate room

3. Full page ad in the magazine for marketing $1,000
4. Half page ad in the magazine $500

Half page ad + 1 Ticket

5. Quarter page ad in the magazine $300
  Quarter page ad + 1 Ticket $400
6. Ad back page of magazine $2,000 (members/non-members)
7. Ad front page of magazine $5,000 (members/non-members)

*Price for IMASC members for dinner and meeting is $150 a couple

*Non-Members are also invited. Ticket price for Non-Members is $175 per person

*Above prices will increase after October 1st, 2014

*Door prizes on Friday and Saturday, November 7th and 8th, 2014 at the convention

*Surprise Chief guests and top level entertainment

*Payment accepted by checks as well as through internet (We will let everyone know once the website is up and running)


*Please have all prospective Sponsors e-mail us at with their information.

*The mailing address for the checks is:
1781 W. Romneya Dr, Suite B
 Anaheim, CA 92801

Payment Option:
*Please make checks payable to: IMASC
*Payment option by PayPal will be available soon